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    Wuxi Nanquan Chemical Equipment Co.,ltd. is located on Taihu Lake of Wuxi. Wuxi is one of the most important industrial cities in Jiangsu Province with Shanghai about 150 kilometers to its south and Yangzi River about 100 kilometers to its north.
    We are an appointed enterprise with qualification certification granted by China state Quality Supervision Bureau to manufacture A and B grade pressure vessel. We have ISO9001 certification.
    With our extra strong design , research , and manufacture capability and quality assurance team , we have special AAA credibility ,which not many companies have.
    We adhere to our motto :Our quality makes our customers feel at ease and our service makes customers satisfied.

We undertake design, manufacture , development of pharmaceutical Equipment and installation of chemical Equipment.
Company name:WUxi Nanquan Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. TEL:0510-85953983 FAX:0510-85390316
http://www.hgzusb.live E-mail:[email protected]
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